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How do we stack up against our competition???  The better question is, “Do we have any?”
We’re pretty confident, aren’t we?... well yeah and for good reason!...
                                                    EVERY car is inspected and serviced at our own shop Turnage Auto Care Center
                                                           EVERY vehicles condition is documented in a concise report, and displayed clearly in the vehicle
                                                                   EVERY car comes with a Cars Protection Plus service contract or our 3-month buy-back guarantee 
                                                                                                EVERY car comes with a                                       vehicle history report
                                                                                  EVERY price is marked clearly in the window
                                                                                          EVERY car is professionally detailed from top to bottom, front to back
                                                                                                  EVERY customer receives a 6month membership to Turnage Auto Care Center
                                                                                                          EVERY customer is encouraged to take their time & have their own mechanic
                                                                                                                                                                                                               check behind us if they would like to...

At Turnage Motor Co, we strive for customer confidence and satisfaction through honesty and transparency 
We like to say:
Full Inspection + Full Disclosure = Full confidence

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Turnage Motor Co.
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4637 Augusta Rd

Lexington, SC 29073


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